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Nadia Miah

Celebrity hair and makeup artist turned visionary hairdresser, now unveiling an exciting new skincare brand.


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About Nadia Miah

A warm welcome to Nadia Miah where Family time, music, culture and fashion are fused to create a calm but vibrant friendly hairdressing environment. Situated in Bradford, Yorkshire, where individuality blooms and creativity is appreciated.

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Skin Tightening

Tighten without surgery Improve your skin’s elasticity and promotes the production of collagen with our Skin Tightening treatments.

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Slimming Tea

Embrace the power of nature with Nadia Miah Slimming Tea and enjoy a healthier, more vibrant you. Whether you're seeking to manage your weight, boost your energy levels, or simply enjoy a delicious, organic tea, our slimming blend is the perfect choice. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and receive a comprehensive 5-month diet plan with a breakdown of calories and meal preps, including both Asian and English meals, along with a month’s supply of tea for just £60.

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